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We have a range of permanent public caches at locations around the Island. Some of the original ten put out in 2008 are still available. None of the new caches placed during 2013 have made it, sadly - but the ones that are still there are some of the oldest and most popular caches on the Island.

To find geocaches you will need to use a smartphone with a suitable geocaching app; or a dedicated GPS handheld unit.

Once you have downloaded the information or the app you are ready to find the caches. The older caches were mostly ceramic cylinders with metal, screw-fit lids. The original 2008 ones are bright orange with black lettering, although these have almost all been replaced with the new caches (from 2013 onwards) which are metal enamelled containers in a red or green colour, with a shiny metal pull-off lid.

When set out, the caches contained Isle of Wight Geocaching goodies (below) for you to take, although these days they probably will have far more exciting things put in by other geocachers.

Please observe the international rules of geocaching:


  • Please do not move or vandalise the container.
  • Take something if you like but please leave something for others to find.
  • Please write about your visit in the logbook.
  • Please return the cache to its hiding place.

New caches

The new cache design

KeyringBadgeBadgeCache and goodies

This is an original Isle of Wight Geocaching cache

The original cache design