About the Isle of Wight Geocaching Project

"What can i say i would of never found this place if it was not for a cache, i am so glad you have put one here the views are stunning "

The Isle of Wight Geocaching Project was established by the Isle of Wight Council in 2008 with support from Leader+. During 2008 and 2009 a series or workshops and events were run to promote geocaching on Isle of Wight Council countryside sites and parks, and the first ten public caches were established - some of these are still active today. When the project ended in 2009 the public events came to an end. The caches were still periodically maintained, but some were lost to vandalism. But the positive comments and continuing enquries from visitors and islanders made it clear that there was a demand for the project to return.

Comments from geocachers

Eager geocachers learning the game

What we're up to in 2013

In 2013 the project was renewed with support from the Isle of Wight Council, the West Wight Landscape Partnership and the Heritage Lottery. The project maintains a series of public caches, and will be placing more throughout 2013. The project also runs training days, taster sessions and consultancy for those considering setting up geocaching as an activity for organised groups, as interpretation or for promotion. The Isle of Wight Geocaching Project is operated by Pinkeye Graphics Ltd.

In 2013 there have already been several events, and more may be held if funding allows or if the right opportunity arises! Any events planned will be announced on this website and on our Twitter feed.

We often run a geocaching event or two in the Wight Winter and Wight Summer walks programmes, and sometimes the Isle of Wight Walking Festival (spring and autumn).

Thinking of doing some geocaching?

If you're wondering about geocaching, you can find out a lot more by looking at the resources on our links page - or just drop us an email and ask us.

Looking for advice?
If you want to develop a project of your own, or are interested in running geocaching events yourself, the project also offers a geocaching advice service. We offer advice and consultancy all over the country to companies, charities and local authories who are considering using geocaching as an organised event for their own visitors or for the public.

The Geocaching Association of Great Britain

The Isle of Wight Geoacaching Project is intended to introduce new users to the game of geocaching, and so we recognise the importance of good practice to ensure that the landscape and habitats we enjoy using are protected, and to protect the reputation and good name of geoaching with the many landowners who allow us to use their land. Geocaching has a comprehensive set of guidelines both internationally and locally which cover, not only the activity of geocachers seeking caches, but the standards that are expected when a new cache is placed on land within the UK.

Pinkeye Graphics is a member of and supporter of the The Geocaching Association of Great Britain. We follow international and GAGB guidelines at all times when putting out and finding public geocaches, and we promote and teach the importance of responsible geocaching.

The Geocaching Association of Great Britain

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